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D. Mayor & Son solid fuels is a sucessful family run business established in 1938. We have continued to offer excellent quality solid fuels. Including Defra approved smokeless fuel products, ready to burn wood and anthracite with unrivalled customer service ever since.

D. Mayor & Son offer a regular fuel delivery service to customers in the surrounding areas. In addition to our delivery service we offer a fully stocked yard of 20kg plastic bags for collection.

- Defra approved smokeless fuels.

- Anthracite.

- Kiln dried hard wood logs and kindling wood.
- Calor gas stockist.



Yard opening

Tuesday to Saturday 9am - 12.30pm

Sunday - closed.

We are now running on our summer hours and are closed on a Monday until October.  All Monday Darwen deliveries will now be on a Thursday.


New legislation for burning house coal in England.


New government legisation means that from 1 May 2023, in England it will be illegal to sell house coal for burning at home. You're still permitted to burn any remaining stock you may have.


If you currently burn house coal at home, you will now have to switch to burning

smokeless manufactured solid fuel (MSF).  We sell a range of MSF to suit all diffenrent types of stoves and open fires. 


We can help you choose the right alternative fuel for your home.  Either a smokeless fuel or ready to burn wood.  All our fuels are approved and carry the Ready to Burn logo.


The new legislation is designed to improve air quality and is focused on reducing fine particle matter emmissions which come from many souces including burning solid fuels at home. These changes will result in cleaner burning to help protect our health.


MSFs burn more effciently than house coal, which means that as well as being less polluting, they're also more cost effective.


We do still carry a stock of Colombian trebles, we can sell these to any businesses, including pubs and farms.  You will be required to sign a disclaimer form.  Please note working from home does not count.


To find out more give us a call, we'll be happy to explain all the new rules.

You can also contact the solid fuel association helpline on 01773 835400 or visit the government website for all the details.



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