Call 24/7 01257 262452 to order for delivery.


We are open as usual, for collection and still doing our usual deliveries.
Our deliveries are running as normal, although a little busier, so please bear with us.
Our yard is open for collections Monday - Saturday 9-12.30. We are asking that you stay in your vehicle, we'll do all the loading. Please pay by card where possible, through your car window.
Thank you for your continued support at this time. Stay safe everyone. (updated 5/1/21)

D. Mayor & Son coal merchants is a sucessful family run business established in 1938. We have continued to offer excellent quality coal and Defra approved fuel products with unrivalled customer service ever since.

D. Mayor & Son offer a regular fuel delivery service to customers in the surrounding areas. In addition to our delivery service we offer a fully stocked yard of 20kg plastic bags for collection.

- Defra approved smokeless fuels.

- Selection of house coals.

- Seasoned, dry logs and kindling wood.
- Calor gas stockist.

- Chimney Sweep Service


Yard opening hours -


We will be closed over the Easter weekend Good Friday - Easter Monday, includuing Sat 3rd.


Monday to Saturday 9am - 12.30pm
Closed Mondays during Summer (May-September)
Sunday - closed.

How will the solid fuel ban affect me?


Do you burn bituminous coal? This is traditional mined house coal.


Yes                                                                                  No

Until May 2021 you can still buy                                                         If you burn a Defra approved smokeless fuel like

bituminous house coal in plastic prepacked                                        Supertherm, manufactured briquettes nothing is

bags.                                                                                                          going to change for you.

Until February 2023 you can still get it delivered                                       These are the most enviromentally friendly way to

loose in 50kg sacks and tipped into a bunker from                                    heat your home, along with seasoned or kiln dried

an approved coal merchant like ourselves.                                                wood.

After February 2023 you'll need to move onto burning

a Defra (The Department for Enviroment, Food &

Rural Affairs) approved smokeless fuel, like Supertherm.

These alternatives can give more heat, last longer and

are less polluting to the atmosphere.

Frequently asked questions.

I burn a non-approved smokeless fuel e.g. Oxbow Red or Oxbow Glow; can I still burn those?

Red and Glow have now been made into an approved smokeless fuel, and now carry the "Ready to burn" logo.  
You can burn just as before. They are available for delivery either loose in 50kg or in 20kg sealed plastic bags or collection from our yard in sealed 20kg plastic bags.


Can I still pick prepacked 20kg plastic bags from your yard?

You can still collect bituminous house coal from our yard until May 2021, after that date we’ll be able to delivery it loose to you until February 2023.  Our approved fuels and dry wood will continue to be able to be collect as usual beyond 2023.


Can I still burn natural Anthracite?

Yes absolutely, this is naturally occurring smokeless fuel.


Which woods can I burn?

All our wood products are already compliant will the changes.  The burning of wet wood is being banned; this is wood with a moisture content of above 20%.


Are you an approved coal merchant?

Yes we are and we are approved wood merchants too.


Please get in touch if you have any more questions and we’ll be happy to help. Although this will have an impact on our business, we support the governments clean air policy, a cleaner environment is better for everyone.  We will continue to sell Defra approved, clean burning, smokeless fuels and dry wood as we always have done. 

Love your fire, Love the environment!